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Top gifts a Russian mail-order bride would be happy to get
Top gifts a Russian mail-order bride would be happy to get
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Gifts Ideas to impress your Russian Bride

Gift ideas fo russian brides

Bringing joy to the woman you love is precious. If you are in love with a Russian single and want to send her a gift, there might be a little confusion about what she likes. We are here to give you a hint on what she might find lovely. Here are the suggestions for different budgets.

$50 or less

You don’t have to be a billionaire to win a girl’s heart. There are always things that stay romantic and don’t disappoint women. Here are the options you may consider.

A soft toy

It is not the most useful thing in the world but it definitely brings a lot of positive emotions. Women like it a lot, and Russian women do too. Try to pick a nice teddy bear, or maybe your Russian bride prefers other animals, like cats? Whatever you choose, it would be cute and romantic. A Russian girl would appreciate such little present much.


It is classic, and it never gets old. Women from the best countries to meet a wife like to receive flowers, and imagine how romantic it is when you order a bouquet for the girl you like! Luckily now there are services which do the international delivery.

Such gestures are considered very romantic, and even though they are not worth a fortune, they make the necessary impression and give your Russian lady positive emotions only”.

Something sweet

Sweets are also very pleasant to receive for a Russian mail-order bride. It is a small present that, however, shows your interest and reminds your lady that you are thinking about her. Women in Russia treat such gestures very well.


These presents are for those who can count on a bigger budget and want something more elegant for the gift.


A dress

You must have seen such scenes in the movies: a man sends his woman a gift - and it’s a dress. Russian mail-order brides along with brides from Ukraine also find it romantic when their men do so. It is another way to say how much you like her and how often you think of her. And imagine how happy your lady would be wearing that dress - and remembering you!


Russian women like to dress up and wear all the best, so why not finish her look with a scarf or a bag? Such presents are common in Russia, and ladies like it here when men express their attention by picking the accessories for them.


If you want to make your present really precious and memorable, we suggest these things for a present.

A trip

Nothing is better than the new impressions. So, if you want to make it a total surprise, take your Russian bride for a trip. There is nothing more romantic than spending your time together in a city where nobody knows you. Imagine, it’s just two of you there… And you explore the world together.


No Russian woman would reject a gift like this. It is very impressive and ensures the lady of your good intentions. If you want to treat your Russian bride like a queen, bring her earrings or a necklace. She will be happy, we promise.


It is a special gift that can only be given on a certain stage of a relationship. If you are sure that you have moved this far, bring your Russian lady a beautiful set of expensive lingerie. It will be a gift she remembers and it will always remind her of you. 

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