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Colombian Mail Order Brides & Women for Dating
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Colombian Brides - Why Consider them for Marriage?

Some singles believe that finding and marrying a Colombian mail order bride (or a bride from another country) is a piece of cake. It is not exactly true. In fact, you need to know for sure that a woman from a certain culture is likely to meet all your expectations, find out how much you will actually spend on dating, learn more about the legal aspects and the dating culture in this country. This is exactly what this guide is about. On top of that, here, you can find the best international sites with Colombian brides who are really motivated to date and even marry a foreign man.

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Some facts about Colombian women for marriage

Let us start with some common characteristics of women in Colombia. What makes them special?

  • They love this love, always remain optimistic, and do like hedonism as the system of values. After all, it is all about happiness!
  • Many Colombian mail order brides believe that the family is what can make a person really happy. Like Ukrainian brides, they have a really strong commitment with relatives and want their own families to be as strong as their own ones.
  • Self-reliance is one of the most important values for them. People who think that a Colombian wife is likely to be fully dependent on a husband in everything are wrong. These ladies know what they want and how to solve problems. They like the idea of having a strong companion, their husband, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t do anything themselves.
  • These women are completely unselfish and undemanding. They just don’t think material things are the most important things in life. No, it doesn’t mean that they’d agree to live without money—it just means that generosity and human relationships matter more.

As you can see, there are reasons why men look for Colombian wives. But why do ladies in this country look for foreign men?

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Why do Colombian brides seek Western men?

Here are some of the main reasons why Colombian girls for marriage are looking for husbands abroad:

  1. Affection. Yes, many of them just think that foreign men are well-educated, smart, good-looking, and therefore, hot as mostly any Eastern European bride, such as Polish mail order wife.
  2. The desire to find a man who wasn’t influenced by machismo values.
  3. The desire to start a family with a decent man in a more stable country.
  4. Bad experience in past relationships, disappointment in local men.

These are the most common reasons why ladies in Colombia decide to look for foreign husbands. But how do they meet each other?

How to find Colombian mail order brides?

Of course, you can easily meet them if you migrate to Colombia, meet locals, make friends, etc. But obviously, it’s not an option for most singles looking for a Colombian girlfriend, and they start to look for singles online. It is a fast, easy, and relatively affordable way to achieve this goal, but you need also consider that not all dating platforms are worth using. We recommend analyzing the websites on the market, paying a lot of attention to prices, features, and, of course, members themselves.

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How much does a Colombian mail order wife cost?

Men who’ve already found their Colombian mail order wives note that they spent different amounts. Of course, none of them bought a woman—the term ‘cost’ in this context means the cost of dating services and the cost of trips (yes, you will need to meet your foreign girlfriend at least a few times as required by law). Why does someone spend tens of thousands of dollars and others spend much smaller amounts? The reason is simple—there are plenty of factors that affect the total price, in particular, it depends on your traveling style, your dating strategy, number of trips, and, of course, the dating website you choose. Still, most online daters spend $6,000 on average.

Yes, you can legally date and marry Colombian brides. However, you need to actually date one of them to marry her later. That’s why we mentioned that trips to her country or other meetings in real life are important—you won’t be able to marry your girlfriend if you can’t prove that your relationship is not fake. And in the eyes of law, if you have never met in person, your fiance can’t apply for a marriage visa and green card, respectively.

How to impress Colombian women?

It is not rocket science, actually. But you still should follow some dating rules, which are as follows:

  • Don’t focus too much on the fact she is a Latina. And avoid stereotypes—she doesn’t like it when you call her spicy or when you assume that she is poor or dancing salsa all the time (the same it wouldn't like a Mexican bride).
  • Express your feelings—calling her honey, sweetie, holding hands, hugs and flowers are a must.
  • Relax and enjoy your interaction and your relationship. Single Colombian ladies like confident men who do make an effort to win a woman’s heart but aren’t trying too much. Don’t be nervous, don’t try to control her all the time, don’t be jealous when she talks to a waiter, and she’ll love that.
  • Don’t make her jealous. Just don’t.

As you can see, it is not that difficult!

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Summing up

So, can a Colombian bride make you happy? You need to answer this question yourself. If you think that this is a good opportunity for you, use your chance and remember that you’ll succeed only if you choose safe, trusted service providers in both the dating market and the tourism industry market.

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Bill Graham

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