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polish girl alexandra
Poland, Warsaw

I hope to find a man, who will be very patient and kind....and, of course, romantic! Every girl likes romantic dinners with candles)

About me:

I am a very ambitious person, so I would like to see such a man as well.

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Who Are Russian brides?

Russian brides - are ladies who have some reasons to seek a partner among foreign men. They are usually called “mail order brides(wiki), but actually they are just single women who use online dating services to achieve their goals, such as finding a husband and living a happy life.

Why do Russian mail order brides want to marry Americans?

It is no secret that many American gentlemen die to get Russian girls for wives. But what are the actual reasons for these women to want to go abroad? We came up with this short list to clarify things a little.

love couple on date
  • They might have had a negative relationship experience with men living nearby. Divorcees with the unhappy past may just want to find the love the other people are talking about and are proud of. Women from Russia want to feel that love in the air near their beloved men. They just want to be women - protected and loved by a caring person.
  • They may want to live in a foreign country. Some Russian women like Western culture much more than the Russian one. They adore movies, music, people, atmosphere - literally everything about a foreign country. That’s why they start seeking a man abroad to move to another state and live a happy life.
  • Russian mail order brides may want to leave their countries for political reasons. Well, that doesn’t demand any explanations and very common reason among Ukrainian mail order brides.
  • They may suppose that in a foreign country there are more opportunities for a career. Yes, some of the ladies are not only family-oriented but ambitious too, and it is great for men who need a girl who is ready to develop not only her personal but professional skills as well.

Russian women are known all around the world, but what makes their reputation so great? Here are a few points that could be an answer to your question.

russian bride in bed
  1. Their care about family members. And it doesn’t mean that your woman will care only about her parents. She will consider all your close people to be her family, and she will be very attentive to how her dearest people feel, what’s their health state, and even what they eat this morning. This is very nice to be loved by a beauty who does care not only about herself and her kids but about anyone who is important for you too.
  2. Their friendliness. It is normal for Russian people to be very kind to friends and new relatives. Some foreigners suppose that Russian men and women are cold and tough, and it’s true actually, but as Polish women for marriage they are open and caring with the people they can trust. Give your lady some time to get used to the way you behave and talk, and she will appreciate that and answer you with her charming smile and sincere interest in your life and personality.
  3. Their beauty. Yes, they are beautiful. Yes, they are so beautiful that men from all the existing countries know about the astonishing Russian women with their long shiny hair, pale skin, miss-Universe-like bodies, and killing charisma that can gently “kill” even a mentally trained and experienced spy. Only imagine how incredible it is, to have a wife who is looking like this!
  4. Their nature. They are the amazing embodiments of the true controversial feminine spirit: they are strong, lovely, and emotional, yet reserved and strict with the new friends. A Russian girl can laugh at your awkward joke now, and within a second you’ll see her almost crying because she has seen a cute puppy. She is sensitive but powerful; fearless but careful; funny but rational. She is amazing.

Benefits of Marrying Russian Girls

slavic mail order bride taking photo

Well, they actually want to date foreigners, that is why a lot of Russian girls date online. You can know for sure that they are really single women who want to marry Western men - not the wives of decent Russian men who don’t even know about what their women do online. On dating sites, you will meet only the ladies who actually want to find a husband and build a family.

Difference between traditional dating and Russian mail order bride dating

Online dating is cheaper and a lot more convenient than the traditional one.

romantic couple in subway

This is the #1 reason people usually choose mail order bride services: they can save a fortune providing them with plenty of cool things simultaneously. For example, members of dating sites can not only talk to people living in other countries, send them stickers, real presents, comment on their photos, leaving likes, and interact with them in all the other ways - for a reasonable price. Traditional dating is expensive and time-consuming: you’ll have to purchase tickets, reserve hotel rooms, and spend money on living in Russia. With online dating, you can stay at home, go to work, and still searching for best countries to find a loyal wife! Isn’t it great?

Yes, it is legal to register on a site and to communicate with women who want it. Yes, it is legal to arrange meetings with girls, and, of course, it is completely legal to marry one of them. And of course you can officially bring your wife to US making her K1 Visa (in case you are US citizen).

ukrainian mail order bride at home

If you’re afraid of scammers and money-huntresses - well, we cannot guarantee that you will never meet one online. Some of the Russian girls use free sites, which don’t offer ID verification and other services that can show you that you’re going to communicate with real ladies. But, some of the Russian brides register on premium platforms and provide the administration of those platforms with ID documents, plenty of photos, and sometimes the admins even interview them. Sounds serious, right? On such sites, it is completely safe to register, pay for services, and make contacts. Such platforms are officially registered in the US, Malta, Singapore, and other countries, and they pay taxes, as well as are verified by Visa/Mastercard, McAfee, and other security services that issue security certificates.

Mail-order bride services are legal and love for foreign ladies is not a crime. And, you shouldn’t even worry about safety - if you’re going to register on a premium dating site, of course.

Can you really buy a Russian woman?

russian woman for marriage smiling

It is quite offensive and outdated to think that you can buy a woman. The modern Russian girls are smart and strong ladies, and they can pay their rent and all their bills, as well as can afford tickets to the other countries, and find a job abroad. You could buy a woman centuries ago, and, happily, those times have passed. Now you can only win the heart of a lady with love, attention, care, and, well, buying gifts for her, as almost all the ladies like sweet presents. You can even do it online: with dating sites, the distance is not a problem anymore.

How much does it cost to get a Russian bride?

It depends on what site you choose - if there are high prices for subscription or communication, you may spend quite a lot on communication and sending gifts to your woman (or women). If you choose free websites, you can avoid such expenses, but free sites usually have few services and useful features.

slavic girl for marriage taking selfie

Additionally, the cost of getting a Russian bride may vary because of making additional purchases, such as sending your lady gifts or even asking her to visit you and buying tickets to your country for her.

You may spend $500 and may spend $20000 - everything is up to your generosity and desire to find a spouse as soon as possible.

How to get a Russian mail order bride?

You should either buy a ticket to Russia and book a hotel for several months, or choose a dating website that will allow you to search among thousands of single beauties who want to date foreigners. Then make contact with the most attractive women in your opinion, whether you're interested in Russian or Romanian women dating, she's pick the best of the best and arrange a date with her! Then decide if this woman is the love of your life or not, and marry her if she is the one. Yes, it’s that simple, but remember that the path to happiness may be a bit longer than reading these lines.

slavic lady on floor

How do the mail order bride sites work?

Here’s a short guide on how the mail order dating looks like and actually works:

  • Registration. After you choose one or a few dating platforms to sign up, you should spend 5 minutes joining them and filling in your account. Usually, the administrations of websites recommend users to add as many details to their profiles, as it is possible, as it increases the chances to find a partner soon.
  • Making contacts. There is usually at least one communication option - messaging. Some websites offer a lot more opportunities to make contacts, such as instant chat, CamShare, leaving comments and likes, etc. Choose the most convenient options and talk to Russian women!
  • Arranging meetings. This is a feature that can be rarely seen on dating sites, but some premium platforms offer it. After you spend a certain amount of credits on communication with one woman, you can arrange a date with her.
  • Marriage. Not all couples come to that, but you can do it if you make some effort! It’s the most exciting and difficult step: you will decide if you live together in your country or not, where the wedding will take place, etc. But it’s great if you succeed in finding a wife! Don’t forget to share your happy story with the other people after that!
ukrainian bride smiling

Mail Order Bride Divorce Rate

The mixed marriages are highly popular in the US and Canada, and it is great that their divorce rates are significantly lower - and we highlight it - than the ones in Russia and other Slavic countries.

Divorce rates in mail-order marriages for which the courtship period lasted more than 4 months were between 35.8 and 41.3 percent when compared to the overall US divorce rate which is 48 percent (Statistics Solutions, Inc).

Maybe, such figures can be explained by the attitude of Russian women to divorce: they usually don’t want to ruin the family they were building for years. They do care about the feelings of their kids and relatives, and they often try to change the atmosphere in the house or even change their way to live to save their families. So, if you need a woman who does care about the relationship, a Russian girl will be your best choice.

Brian avatar
Brian, 39, London, UK

Russian women have always been my great passion, and it was my big dream to get a wife from Slavic countries. When I started my search online, RussianQupid wasn’t the first venue I’ve tried, however, it seems to be the most effective one. I’m now chatting with two ladies I’m going to see next month. Looks like it’s gonna work out!

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