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Filipino Mail Order Brides & Women for Dating
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Filipino Brides - Why Consider them for Marriage?

Filipino brides are legends to some extent. Some say that only these ladies can make a man happy, and some argue that the idea of finding a Filipino mail order bride has nothing to do with real love, feelings, and therefore, real happiness. Who’s right and who’s wrong? What can you really expect from a lady raised in the Philippines? Why do they want to marry foreigners? How much will you pay for dating a Filipina? You will find all the answers in this guide. By the way, the best dating websites with lots of Filipino female members can be found here too, so if you read the article and decide that you can find love in this amazing country, check them out!

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Facts about Filipino females and Filipino society

It is no secret that Filipino mail order brides are very, very popular in the international marriage market. But why? What makes them special? Here are the answers:

  • Filipino ladies are more open-minded, friendly, and sociable. If you like Asian women but don’t want to date a very calm, obviously introverted, and a very shy lady, consider finding a girlfriend in the Philippines.
  • They assimilate to the new culture and society easily. Filipino people (especially in big cities) are pretty westernized, so those who migrate to new countries usually adapt to their rules, values, and customs easily.
  • Tolerance matters. Filipino women for marriage are also very kind and tolerant, the same as brides from Ukraine. Even if someone has different views on important things, for example, religion or politics, a Filipino girl will be okay with that—they are non-confrontational, and more importantly, they truly respect other people’s beliefs.
  • A Filipino bride won’t be money-oriented. They appreciate what they have right now and focus more on spirituality, family, love, support, etc. No, comfort is still important for them—they just don’t believe that luxury stuff is what makes a person happy.

Is this what you are looking for in a lady? If yes, just keep reading. We have some more useful information for you.

Why do Filipino girls for marriage seek Western men?

But how does a local girl come up with the idea to become a Filipino mail order wife? Here are some reasons why ladies in this country take this step:

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  • Divorces are forbidden. Yes, this is pretty shocking, but it is true—when a Filipino bride is getting married, she knows that it will last forever, no matter what happens in the future. Unfortunately, it’s a trap for many local girls—even if a man is cheating, they can’t actually leave him, and love triangles are pretty common in this country.
  • Pressure to get married. Not all local girls find love in their own country easily. But all of them feel that pressure to start a family. Moreover, they want it, too. Finding and marrying a foreigner seems like a good solution, especially for Eastern European women, such as Polish mail order wives.
  • Affection. Yes, they just like foreign men. They are viewed as better educated, better mannered, exotic, and just “hot”.

As you can see, there is no big mystery. Most Filipino mail order brides just see a chance to find and marry a good man abroad, that’s all.

How to find Filipino brides?

If you are not going to migrate to the Philippines, you can find a Filipino wife online. You need to choose a safe and trusted international dating site focusing on such important things as billing policy, premium and free features, number of matches, special services, and privacy. If you want to save time and find a good site as soon as possible, take a look at our list of the best dating platforms.

How much does a Filipino mail order bride cost?

How much do men usually spend to find Filipino mail order wives? What is the real bride cost? Just to clarify, in this case, the term “cost” has nothing to do with the direct purchase—this is just the term used for the total amount that a single guy person spends on dating. In 99% of cases, the total price is made up of two components—the cost of dating services (premium membership or credits on a dating website) and the cost of trips (you need to meet your foreign girlfriend at least a few times before you marry her).

filipino girl for marriage at home

Of course, a lot depends on a dater himself—you may choose a high-end or an affordable site, stay in luxury or a 3-star hotel, eat in fancy restaurants or cook, and so on, and this will affect the total price greatly. Still, most men spend about 4,000-5,000 on online dating and trips to the Philippines in total.

Yes, you can legally date and marry Filipino mail order wives. However, there is one very important thing to consider. Your relationship is supposed to be real, and what’s real dating in the eyes of law? If you find your perfect match on the web and date her for a few months or even years but never meet her in person, this is considered a “fake relationship”. You need to prove that you have actually met each other in real life and had real feelings, which is why we included trips in the list of expenses—it is just a must. We also don’t recommend deleting your messages or anything else that can prove that you have been actually dating. You may need all this when your fiance will be applying for a K-1 marriage visa and then for a green card.

How to impress Filipino women?

It is not that hard, but we know some tricks that can help you win her heart even faster!

  • Declare your intentions and show that you are not just another western womanizer.
  • Be nice. We mean, you should criticize someone’s views, show that you’re always ready for confrontation. Anger, negative emotions, and criticism are the things that Filipino brides along with Chinese mail brides don’t like. Focus on positive things.
  • Respect for her culture is a must. Try to learn more about it and show that you like some local traditions and values.
  • Good manners are crucially important. Be an old-school gentleman.

These are the most important things to consider. Remember them, be yourself, enjoy the time you spend with her, and you’ll succeed!

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Summing up

Is marrying a Filipina a good idea? It’s up to you. If it seems to you that your perfect woman lives somewhere in the islands, just give it a try, be careful when choosing a service provider, and enjoy interacting with exotic beauties!

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