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10 Things you Should Know before Dating Russian Girls
10 Things you Should Know before Dating Russian Girls
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Essentials Of Russian Women Dating Online

Traditional dating can be challenging for various reasons, from fear to meet a scammer to the simple inability to dive online to seek a friend or romance. However, Russian women dating can inspire even a bachelor to change his mind and try to make contact with charming Russian girls! In this article, we will share some facts about Russian dating and relationships with Slavic girls in general, so scroll down if you’re interested!

Russian women actually want to date you

Are you afraid that finding a stunning Russian girl online is just impossible? You’ve never been so wrong. According to the statistic, 85% of Russians cannot imagine their life without communication, dating, and social media. That’s why a large number of Slavic women are using Russian girls dating sites. Those ladies are interested in western men and are looking for a suitable partner for friendly or romantic communication and maybe even a long-distance relationship. Besides, they are one of the most popular girls for international relationships, and where there is demand, there is a supply. That’s why the chances are high that you will find someone from the Eastern European region online.

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Russian women often start relationships with American men

The love for Russian girls dating seems to be worldwide, but Americans have a special place in their hearts for those attractive girls. Not only do they make their top-5 choice for international dating, but a lot of long-distance relationships result in happy endings — the creation of new families. Only in 2019, 815 gorgeous Russian ladies married American men. However, no wonder why guys from the US are so into girls from Eastern Europe, such as Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides. Those ladies are known not only for incredible natural beauty but also a traditional attitude to life and family, kind and loving personality, which is becoming quite rare in the western countries.

Caring about a Russian woman’s kid is a must for a happy relationship with her

There are a lot of single Russian ladies with kids, but it does not prevent them from dating men and trying to achieve personal happiness. The majority of these women are 30+, divorced, and looking for someone who will not only be their partner but a good role model for her kid. And that’s possible! The previous year, inter alia, saw 147 cases of Russian-American families moving from Russia with children.

If you decide upon dating Russian women, you need to know that if you choose to have a relationship with a woman who has a child, you should treat them like they are your own — if you want it, of course.

Americans really are into dating Russian girls. Why?

Let’s about the things that make a typical Western man head over heels about dating Russian girl:

  • Their stunning appearance and impressive attention to hair, skin, and style.
  • Family is usually a top priority of a Russian lady the same it is for Polish wife, and she wishes to have a relationship of trust and romance with a man who is ready for commitment.
  • Girls from Russia know what they want and how to achieve it. However, sometimes they can decide on an evening dress to take on for a party for a few hours, but this is, well, quite an innocent sin.
  • They are great at cooking and running a household.
  • Stunning Russian women are very wise. The conversations with them always flow smoothly, and if you ask for advice, you will likely to get a great one.
  • Contrary to the common belief, Russian beauties speak English quite well, and their accent is charming.
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Guys from the US have particular expectations from dating a Russian girl

There exist quite a lot of stereotypes about Russian women, and some American men believe that these stereotypes are true. They tend to expect them to be gold-diggers, which is the biggest misconception. However, there are a lot of men from the US that know how wonderful those ladies are and who are looking for a real-life partner, and they quite often get their Russian dreamy girl. Besides, Americans start dating a Russian woman to have a traditional family, where a man is a head and main decision-maker. And lovely Russian girls share these desires and views of life and relationship.

People in Russia don’t wait for years to propose

When dating Russian girl, you should remember that the rule “the longer time you spend dating before marrying, the less likely it will end in divorce” doesn’t work here. Traditionally, couples in Russia don't wait for more than two years before getting married, and many of them are tying the knot even after six months of dating. All of that is due to many reasons, the main ones include:

  1. Russia is an Eastern Orthodox Christian country, which significantly influences the behavior of religious people (even non-religious individuals often follow Christian rules for personal reasons.)
  2. Social pressure that makes young people marry at a young age. This is a negative factor rather than a positive one: in Russia, society often considers late marriages a bad sign, and people feel that pressure. It makes them search for a life partner more actively than it usually happens in western countries.
  3. Maturity at a quite early age. Women often feel themselves mentally older than they actually are, and they start dreaming about a family at their 18-20s, while girls in other countries tend to start thinking about marriage a bit later.

But, of course, it is only generalization as there are a lot of couples that are living together without ever becoming officially married, as well as there are ones that marry after a few days of knowing each other.

Average age difference between Americans and their Russian girlfriends is 3-9 years

Love doesn’t have an age boundary, but it can appear between people who have a really big age difference due to various personal and social reasons. But it doesn’t mean that such a relationship cannot be happy at all. More excitingly, Russian women prefer to date men who are older than they are and they are okay with a significant age gap between them and their partners, although there is a limit to it, of course. However, according to statistics, the average age difference between guys from the US and their Russian girl in an international relationship is 3 to 9 years, so you should understand that you are more likely to meet a girl who prefers an average age difference than a big one.

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Average female marriage age in Russia is 20-25

As we have already mentioned, Russia is the country where there still is a social “rule” to marry at a relatively young age. Girls here tend to marry in their early twenties. Society and family members usually have a huge influence on girls, and they condemn late first marriages as it is bad for future kids, health, and other reasons. However, this tendency is becoming less intense, as more couples have their first marriage in their late twenties and early thirties.

5 facts about Russian dating culture

Dating etiquette and approach to love in Russia is not the same as in Western countries. So here are five facts you should know about dating Russian woman:

  • She will expect you to make the first move;
  • Man usually pays on a date, regardless of who initiated that date;
  • Men’s style and the place you ask your woman to visit with you are among very important things, too;
  • They don’t need relationships with people who love alcohol more than them.

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3 don’ts in Russian girl dating

It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship with a gorgeous Russian girl of you are just chatting with her online; you should never do the following things anyway:

  1. Don’t make fun of her accent or her lack of vocabulary. Are you her teacher or a lover?
  2. Don’t split the bill. It is common in the US to do it, but splitting the bill is kind of a weird thing in Russia, as it is a check if the guy is a cheapster.
  3. Don’t offer her to get closer on a first date. Such behavior will only disappoint your girl and she will just assume that you don’t take the relationship with her seriously.
Sam Jones
Sam Jones

Sam has been running his own dating agency for more than 10 years now. He knows what works in online dating and understands how to be effective on a dating site.

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