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Chinese Mail Order Brides & Women for Dating
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I am a very ambitious person, so I would like to see such a man as well.

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Chinese Brides - Why Consider them for Marriage?

Some men say that dating a Chinese girl was their best experience ever, and some say that you just can and shouldn’t get a wife from this country. Which opinion is the right one? Should you look for a Chinese girlfriend or even a future wife? How does it work and how much this will cost you? You will find the answers, as well as the list of top international dating websites with Chinese brides looking for a foreign boyfriend here!

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Interesting facts about Chinese females

Before you start to look for Chinese mail order brides, take a look at these facts. They will help you better understand the characteristics of local singles and find out if a Chinese lady is who you really need to become happier.

  • According to statistics, 90% of Chinese (both men and women) think women should have the same rights and the same power as men. Their submissiveness and lack of ambitions are just stereotypes. Most Chinese girls for marriage are well-educated and have a good job.
  • Nevertheless, social traditions, as well as Confucianism, impact them greatly. They respect rules and family a lot, and they believe that harmony (both personal and social) really matters.
  • The motivation to find love and start a family is still very strong. Most Chinese women do want to find a good husband and have children.
  • Caring is the most common way to show love to them, and a lot of men who have already found Chinese wives note that they have never had this much support and care from anyone.
  • Like Vietnamise brides, they are less concerned about their presence on social networking sites than most western girls, so posting tons of selfies is not that important for a Chinese woman.

These are just some basic facts, but they do show what you can expect from a Chinese mail order wife. Simply put, she is likely to be well-educated, pretty ambitions, and still family-minded, very caring, and focused on real, not virtual life.

chinese woman for marriage in bedroom

Why do Chinese mail order brides seek Western men?

It is not such a big mystery. This happens because of some social, cultural, and of course, personal reasons, and we listed the most important of them below.

  1. It is allowed now. Dating foreigners is no longer illegal or stigmatized.
  2. A lot of local girls are attracted to foreign men who look “exotic” and hot to them.
  3. They are looking for true love and can’t find it in China. Romantic feelings are the main reason to get married to the majority of single women in this country.
  4. Just as brides from Ukraine, they believe that foreign men are smarter, stronger, more attractive, and successful.

Sounds good, right? But how can a single man somewhere in the US or, for example, Germany, meet a Chinese wife?

How to find Chinese brides?

The easiest and the fastest way to do it is to join one of the high-quality international dating platforms. Note that it will work only if you choose a safe website that provides plenty of really useful services, proper support, and works hard to protect your privacy. By the way, you can save a lot of time and find the best international sites here.

How much does a Chinese mail order bride cost?

Generally speaking, it depends. Of course, you don’t actually buy anyone, but there is still a price to pay. It is made up of the cost of online dating services which largely depends on the provider and your dating strategy, and travel expenses (which depend on the service provider’s pricing policy and your decisions, too). Considering this, the gap between the lower and the highest possible price is huge, but the average cost (the average amount men spend on dating and meeting their Chinese girlfriends in their city at least a few times before they decide to marry them) is about $6,000.

chinese mail order bride in jacket

Absolutely. However, you can’t marry someone without meeting her in person (as required by law), so your marriage won’t be considered fake only if you were actually dating both online and offline. That’s why we included travel expenses to the total cost of dating services—meeting Chinese mail order brides in theirs or in your own country is a must.

How to impress Chinese women?

Dating Chinese women for marriage is a great experience, but it is still about building a relationship with someone from another culture. That’s why it’s important to consider some national dating traditions, and we have some really simple yet very useful recommendations for you.

  1. Show her you’re a nice guy. Some men think that the best strategy is to show how popular they are by mentioning dozens of ex-girlfriends. That doesn’t work with Chinese brides the same way it doesn't work with Polish mail order wives. Many women in China think that western guys are womanizers and don’t want anything serious. Don’t make her think this stereotype is actually a true story.
  2. Suit up. Chinese ladies pay a lot of attention to looks, and the best way to impress them is to look good.
  3. Be clear about your intentions. Tell her your Chinese girlfriend that you are serious about her in a nice and romantic way—that is always appreciated.
  4. Your relationship status in social networks matters. Changing your Facebook status to “in a relationship with” is just another way to prove that you do have feelings for her.
  5. Text her. Keeping in touch is more than just important—texting is an essential part of Chinese dating culture, so send the messages!

It’s important to remember that Chinese mail order wives are women from a specific cultural environment and they love things that other Chinese girls like. You still need to impress them, and these are the easiest way to do it!

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Summing up

So, do you want to find a Chinese wife? If you do, just keep in mind that you are likely to succeed if you have a good dating strategy and choose the right provider. It is not that complicated, so just give it a try!

Alisa Harket
Alisa Harket

Alisa has tried all the dating stuff herself. She used to be a Russian mail-order bride before she met her husband on one of the dating sites 7 years ago. Now Alisa is a psychologist and a relationship therapist who can give useful advice and answer the questions related to a long-distance relationship.

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