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Russian Mail-Order Brides: The Ultimate Guide

Getting to know about Russian brides is a good idea when you start online dating. In this site we have all you need to know about beautiful Russian singles if you want to marry one of them.

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What does ‘mail-order bride’ mean?

So, who are mail-order brides? They are women who want to find a foreign husband, that’s why they come to the special dating sites and register their profiles. It all happens in order to find a decent man overseas. Russian singles become mail-order brides quite often, and this practice has been popular in the whole world for quite a lot of time. Today it is easy to find a person online and create a real family together.

Russian mail order bride

Why do Russian women search for foreign men?

Every woman has a different reason to become a mail-order bride. Some are looking for marriage with foreign men because they want a better life and know that Western men can guarantee that. Some women are looking for American men because they can’t find the things they need in their home country like care, love, and real attraction. For many singles, it is easier and more promising to find a man from abroad who would share their life values. Also, such women are usually very open-minded, and it is quite a Western feature. They like foreigners and want to connect their lives with someone interesting, progressive and trustworthy.

Mail-order bride dating: how does it work?

Many men ask themselves: do mail-order brides really work? Is it possible to find a woman to marry online? Surely, it is possible, and a lot of real life examples prove it. The whole algorithm of mail-order bride dating is quite simple. Let's check.


You register on a dating site. Usually it takes minutes, you share only the basic info about yourself, your email address and a password to create an account. There you tell all that you can about yourself and share some photos of you. Then you can start the communication.


Talking with women online is no big deal, it is very nice and comfortable thanks to the site. You chat, or use the calls to talk to your lady and get to know her better.

Real-life dates

You finally meet your bride in real life. Usually it means that you come to her home country, meet her and her family, make sure that you are meant for each other. Such dates usually mean a lot for a long-distance relationship.


After a real-life date, or a couple of them, if needed, you finally marry the woman of your dreams. It is real, and it is easy, thanks to the services like this.

A visa for your bride. The last thing before your foreign wife moves in to your place is the visa. You have to sign all the necessary documents and help your woman get the visa so she can live with you. After doing that you are successful a mail-order couple who managed to find their love and happiness abroad.

Russian bride

There are special dating sites created for people who are seeking for international marriages. There come men and women who have serious intentions about their future and are specifically looking for some kind of partners. Very often such sites specialize in some regions like Slavic countries, countries of Latin America etc. You register your profile on such a site, tell some info about yourself and search for women. They are also looking for partners, and you can chat. Later, when you are ready, you can come to your mail-order bride’s country for a real-life date. Many couples marry after a couple of real dates.

Some of you may wonder: are mail-order brides legit? This confusion comes from the little knowledge on the topic. As far as the mail-order brides and their potential husbands are only looking for people they may love, it is not criminal. In fact, online dating, which mail-order bride practice certainly is, has nothing to do with any kind of lawbreaking. You can’t buy a woman literally, you don’t even buy dates with women. All you do is pay for the translation and the communication services a dating site provides. And women who become mail-order bride also go for it on their own will. It all makes mail-order brides legit.

Russian bride scams: how to avoid troubles

Many men afraid to become a victim of a mail-order bride scam. It is understandable as there may be different people on the Internet, and some might want to deceive you. Here are the main tips you should follow if you want to stay safe and avoid Russian dating scams.

  • Try to choose only the paid dating sites. Level of protection is usually higher there.
  • Don’t send any money on a request from a woman. The website usually provides all the service, so you don’t have to pay any money directly to a women.
  • Pay attention to the communication. If a woman seems suspicious, don’t be shy to report to the customer service, it can solve your problem and check the account.

How to find a bride in Russia?

If you want to find a Russian bride, it is not so hard to do. Many mail-order brides you can find online are actually from Russia, as there are many women in Slavic countries who wish to get themselves a foreign husband.

So, the easiest way to find a Russian single is to do it via dating websites.

We advise you to choose specialized mail-order bride dating sites as they are more client-oriented than the regular social networks or regular dating platforms. And also, on mail-order bride venues there are women who take a relationship seriously and want a marriage. Hence, it will be very easy to find a bride there.

Russian lady is going to become a wife

How do mail order bride services work?

Creating a family is an essential step in your development. It uncovers the traits you didn’t know you had and show you an entirely new world of care, love and affection. But if you want to fall in love with a foreign woman, the distance can be an obstacle to meaningful relationships. That is when a mail order bride websites come handy and upgrade your life onto a new level of happiness.

Is it possible to buy a wife?

Frequently dating a mail-order bride is percepted as buying a woman online. However, it isn’t so. Firstly, buying people is illegal. Secondly, the only thing you pay for is the service your chosen dating website provides. So, literally, you don’t buy a wife, but just chose a woman that you like on the site. Russian Besides, this phrase is very popular and you can find many useful sites on such a search request.

What are mail-order bride prices and expenses?

Each mail-order bride dating site has its personal price list. It can be different from site to site, but you can have an average number. It is not so easy to tell exactly how much you need to spend to get a mail-order bride for marriage, but according to the statistics, total amount of money spent varies around $5000-$30000. You will have to spend money for the communication tools, date organization, translation, tickets, presents, visa and so on. Estimate your potential expenses and check sites carefully before you start.

Mail order bride couple

How long does it take to find a bride in Russia?

The regular time of getting a mail-order bride varies. It can take from 1 week to a year, but if we talk about Russian mail-order brides, it is easier. There is such a big number of Russian singles online and you have a great choice. And it gives you the opportunity to talk to many women at once! Having spent several months communicating with woman you can go to Russia to visit your potential spouse and get a closer look at her.

What is the success rate of mail-order bride couples?

Mail-order bride statistics are very positive and can ensure anybody that this type of dating is worth trying. To prove you that it is really so, here are a few facts you may find interesting:

  • There are 8 men for every 10 Russian women, so your chances to find a good bride increase
  • More than 10 000 mail-order bride marriages occur in the United States every year
  • The mail-order bride divorce rate is twice as little as the divorce rate of the regular couples
  • 1 in 4 marriages in the world happens between the people of different nationalities or races

These statistics show that mail-order bride dating is attractive and effective. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Russian Girls - How We Choose Top Profiles?

Ladies from Russia are desired all over the world. Men from the West lose their heads over Russian singles and dream to get them as wives. There are a lot of positive things said about these charming ladies: they are beautiful, and smart, and they make perfect housekeepers. But what else is there that makes men from different countries travel overseas to get a Russian girl? After the careful research we came up with the list of things that make Russian ladies so adorable and unforgettable. If you want to know their secrets, keep reading!

girls in sunglasses

How do we select girls?

On our site we have a special category of singles - Features Girls. They stand out from the whole database of female accounts. Here we explain what makes them so unusual and why you should pay attention to them. There is a whole face control, to say so. Not every single lady will be selected to Featured Girls for marriage. The team of the site does a great job to pick the best ones. Here is how it happens:

  • Every month we check the profiles of newly-registered girls. We care about people who just appeared on the sites
  • We analyze the profile and its quality. It is important for the lady to fill in the account in an appropriate way, make it interesting and memorable
  • After we have selected the most curious profiles, we offer their owners to take part in a competition for the place in this Featured Girls rating

The reward is great: those ladies who are on the list get much more attention from the men on the site. Hence, they have higher chances to meet their destiny here.

How can you get to our Top List?

If you are a girl and want your profile to be noticed by foreign men, you can contact us. All the necessary information can be found below in the ‘Contacts’ category. Here is what you need to mention in the message:

  • the site you are registered on
  • your profile ID on this site (a link)

If you are lucky, our experts can pick your profile to be selected for the rating.

girl in winter

How can you find a girl from the List?

You may look through the Featured Russian Profiles and like someone. Say some pretty Russian single grabbed your attention. What do you do? How can you find her and start the conversation? It is quite easy. Just go to the site this lady is registered on and do the search. You can do it using her name, age, location and so on. Usually it is more than enough to find a girl you like in minutes.

You may look for her on the site, but not find her. It happens from time to time, but it is not what our website can control for you. There are cases when ladies delete their profiles or make them invisible. Or maybe they already established a relationship. Anyway, it is not the end of your search. You can always look for other ladies - luckily, there are plenty of them on the dating sites, and you can enjoy the communication with any of those beautiful girls.

About Russian Girls

So, you already know about their beauty - you could see many photos of Russian singles on the Internet. But there are more important things that you need to know.

pretty women

Why do Russian ladies want to date foreign men?

Many men wonder why Russian singles want to date foreigners so much. It is a real tendency, and if you ask a her who she likes more, she is very likely to choose an American man over a Russian one. There are different reasons for such a choice. Some ladies know that they will have more possibilities in life and self-expression if they marry a man from the West. Some just can’t find a decent partner among the locals. There even are girls who are interested in Western culture and dream about connecting their lives with a man from there. Anyway, girls form Russia do have the motivation to marry foreign guys, that’s why there are so many Russian female profiles on the mail-order bride dating sites.

What do they do in a relationship?

You may wonder what the Russian girls are like in a romantic relationship. Well, you must have heard that Russian ladies are not like any other women.

A Russian girl is very family-oriented, and she will do all that she can to make her close people feel good.

It is true. Russian singles are very caring and attentive, they spread their love on their husbands and children, and feel happy sharing this feeling. Many girls in Russian are brought up with the idea of a man being in chief, so they become great wives. They are taught to think about the others a lot, and you would appreciate it much as a husband.

What are the main appearance types in Russia?

There is a big diversity of appearances in Russia. The country is big, and ladies from there are not like each other. However, there are certain types of looks that you can recognize a Russian girl by. They have existed over the years, and still do.

Slim and tall. There are many ladies in Russia who are thin and tall. They look like models (and very often they are). Such women draw a lot of men’s attention. By the way, there are many women of this type on the dating sites.

beautiful lady

Tender and tiny. There are many singles in Russia who look very petite. They are very lovely and you develop the desire to care about them and protect.

There are no girls like Russian. They make perfect partners for life.

Blonde hair and blue eyes. Although it is a stereotype, it is a positive and true one. Many girls in Russia have light hair and eyes colors, which make them look a little bit like fairy-tale elves. And it’s all natural!

Pros and Cons of online dating

Everything has its positive and negative sites. So does online dating. If you want to try it, you have to be aware of everything it can bring to you.


  • the distance doesn’t matter and you can talk to any girl in this world;
  • you have a very big choice of a potential bride as the place does not limit you;
  • you can start and end the communication any time you want;
  • video chats allow you to see each other even though you are far away;
  • it is very romantic and makes a perfect check for the true feelings.


  • not every  relationship can survive the distance;
  • it can be  really tiring and challenging not seeing your significant other for  a long time;
  • there  might be an issue with translation if some of you is not very good  at speaking English (or any other language).

Why should you try online dating a Russian girl?

You already know the main features of Russian ladies. But what would make you want to date one?

smiling girl

So, a girl from Russia will be your good allie. She can make the house well, raise the kinds in a smart way, and be a loving wife at the same time. Girls in Russia are educated and don’t underestimate the importance of self-development, they are very interesting to talk to. Also, they pay special attention to their looks, so your Russian bride will always have an astonishing appearance. And, what’s most important, a Russian girl has a big heart to love you. So don’t hesitate to date such a treasure.

Discover beauty of Russian women

Russian women for american men

Russia has always been the country where pretty ladies were born. Today the whole world knows that the most attractive women reside there, and men from different foreign countries dream of getting themselves a Russian wife. It is a wide-spread fantasy, and thanks to the Internet now it is easier than ever to make this dream come true. All you need to do is register on a mail-order bride dating site and find a woman that you like most. Therefore you will have all the chances for a lucky marriage.

But what exactly makes Russian singles so interesting for the foreign men? We have found out a few things that you may find new and appealing about women from Russia.

What is so charming about them?

The beauty of Russian women is undoubtful. Yet not everybody can tell exactly what makes these ladies look so attractive. What are their secrets? What do men turn their heads if a Russian woman walks by? We have analyzed the appearance of Slavic ladies and found out.

They are feminine

It is one of those integral elements that every Russian woman somehow has. Femininity is a huge trend is Slavic countries, so if you want to see a lady, who is elegant and delicate in everything that she does, go there.

You won’t find a woman in Russia who would look boyish; they all care about their femininity a lot and get that perfect image of a real lady.

It is expressed in everything:

  • the skirts and dresses they wear;
  • the way they speak and move;
  • the beautiful manners that they have.

Natural Slavic beauty

Russian women don’t need much to look amazing. Nature has already done it all for them. If you dream about a wife who would look perfect with no makeup, it is a Russian lady. She would be so attractive that you forget about everything else. Women from Russia usually have blonde hair and light eyes colored blue, grey or green. Their skin is pale and they blush in an absolutely charming way. It is incredible that all these things are natural while in the West it is popular for many women to do the plastic surgery and change themselves following modern trends. Slavic ladies usually keep themselves fit and beautiful in natural way.

Blonde russian women

They care for appearance

Although it is not a problem at all for the Russian beauties to look stunning with little effort, they still do much to make a good impression. Russian women like to dress up and show their best, they like to wear different makeup and emphasize their beauty. It is a common thing in Slavic countries to avoid old clothes and try to put on all the best. If you marry a woman from Russia, she will surely always support her perfect image, and it is both impressive and motivating.

What is special about a Russian personality?

We have already discussed the issue of beauty, but what about their personalities? Russian mail-order brides are not only physically attractive. They also have the features that will make you want to know them better.

Russian ladies are caring and loving

These are the very regular and wide-spread female features in Russia. If you dream your wife to have a lot of love to you and express it in various ways, marry a Russian. She will surround you with care and warm feelings, supporting you in anything you do and constantly cheering you up. A woman from Russia can become a very attentive and tender partner that pays a lot of attention to how you feel. It is priceless in some bad situations that happen in life from time to time. Love and care are actually all you need to make your life happy, and a Russian mail-order bride can give it to you.

A woman from Russia is family-oriented

No woman dreams about the marriage and family so much as the Russian one does. She will put her husband first and try to do all that she can to make her family safe and comfortable. Such a woman never changes this priority and sacrifices a lot in the name of the family. By the way, if you meet a Russian single on a dating site, be sure that she will be looking for a serious relationship. Those ladies from Russia who look for foreigners usually consider the option of marriage and migration.

Russian women for marriage

They puts family first but doesn't underestimate the chance of self-development

Although career takes second place in the life of a Russian woman, it is not possible that she will do nothing. A Slavic lady will use every opportunity to develop herself and become better than she was before. It is one of the reasons so many Russian singles have degrees, by the way. They really value the chance to get that education and are eager to know more, not being stuck in one place. Constantly moving ahead is what suits a Russian woman, that’s why she usually has many hobbies and discovers new interests.

A woman from Russia is cheerful and easy-going

It is not a problem for a Russian mail-order bride to get social. She likes going out and visiting some interesting places, and she knows that she will have to meet your close people anyway. Hence, she will gladly do that. Firstly, because she likes it too. Secondly, because she would want to satisfy you. Thirdly, because she would think that it is right. And as Russian ladies always try to make a good impression, they will get along with your friends, no matter how much time it will take.

Russian women enjoy romance

Want to see the smile on the face of your Russian mail-order bride? Make a romantic move so she knows how much you love and appreciate her. Russian women like it when men are attentive and really value the pleasant surprises their partners make for them. Moreover, women from Russia like to please their men too! They do it by cooking delicious meals, making home massages and preparing other little and big surprises.

A Russian woman with no surprises is not a Russian woman!

They treat it as a part of romance that should always remain in the relationship. These things make it stronger.

How do Russian brides treat an international relationship?

And, after all, this issue is the most important. What do Russian women think about a relationship with a man from a foreign country? Is it preferable for them? There are three main things you have to know regarding this topic.

Meet beautiful russian women

They register on the dating sites a lot

If you go to any mail-order bride dating site, you will see that there are many Russian singles online. They are active, and they look for their happiness. Many Russian women treat foreigners better than Russian men and dream to move to the West. There usually are many reasons for that, but it is not the most important thing. There are even dating sites that specialize in Russian singles who are looking for American and Canadian husbands! The amount of single Russian ladies on such platforms is usually 5-7 times bigger than the number of men registered. So, if you are seeing a Russian bride, your chances to get one are very high.

Russian women like foreigners

It is obvious from what has been written above, yet true: Russian singles like foreigners and are active in communication with them. You will have absolutely no problem getting yourself a Russian woman to talk to when you come to some dating site. What’s more, it often happens that they are the first to text you. Russian ladies gladly move to other countries and face a new reality. If they have a man that loves them and cares for them, nothing is impossible for these women. They are brave in their special feminine way.

Women from Russia are ready to learn English

As many Russian ladies get their degrees, they may already have a more or less good level of English. The language is taught at universities and colleges in Slavic countries. Those who are not fluent or can’t speak at all still do their best. Russian women understand that to marry a foreigner they will have to understand him and express themselves. Hence, they are ready to overcome the language barrier and put a lot of effort into studying to make their dreams come true. If you see the attempts of your Russian mail-order bride to learn your native language, try to be supportive. Your woman will be very thankful and will give you all that she has in return to keep your relationship and make it stronger.

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Brian, 39, London, UK

Russian women have always been my great passion, and it was my big dream to get a wife from Slavic countries. When I started my search online, RussianQupid wasn’t the first venue I’ve tried, however, it seems to be the most effective one. I’m now chatting with two ladies I’m going to see next month. Looks like it’s gonna work out!

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