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Japanese Mail Order Brides & Women for Dating
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Japanese Brides - Why Consider them for Marriage?

There is a stereotypical image of a Japanese woman, and there is a real image of a woman who would like to meet a decent foreign man and marry him. Our goal is to tell you who Japanese brides on the dating market really are, how to meet and date them. By the way, in this guide, you can also find the top international dating websites that provide high-quality services and provide a real chance to meet a Japanese single.

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Facts about Japanese females

The first and the most important question is should you really look for Japanese mail order brides. Can a woman from this country make you happy? The only way to find the right answer is to learn more about these ladies. Here are some facts that can help you do it.

  • Women in Japan are very hard-working. They have a lot of responsibilities and duties as wives, mothers (they are like family managers), and employees, and sometimes they feel a lack of support and care.
  • Japanese women seem very calm, feminine, and even indecisive, but it has nothing to do with reality. In fact, they are ambitious, confident, smart, and educated, like the majority of Romanian wives, which makes them the best companions for men seeking a strong, motivated, and intelligent wife.
  • The vast majority of Japanese girls for marriage are petite and have beautiful facial features. No wonder women from Japan won three world beauty pageants and were in the top 7 dozens of times.

In modern Japan, women don’t get married and build their careers because they have to—they do it because they want to. However, their inner strength doesn't make them “manly”—they are still very feminine, romantic, and caring, and this perfect mix of characteristics makes them this popular on the international marriage market.

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Why do Japanese brides seek Western men?

Why would someone living in a wealthy, modern, developed country move somewhere else to start a new life? Well, here are the things that usually make Japanese mail order brides choose this path.

Men without motivation

Did you know that a lot of Japanese men fall under the category of the so-called herbivorous boys? These are Japanese men who are not interested in sex, relationship, and marriage, and this number is constantly growing. The Japanese government is concerned about a possible demographic disaster, and more and more women become Japanese mail order wives just because they know that they can find a lot of manly guys who are really motivated to find a decent woman abroad.

The chance to find love

We should not also underestimate personal factors. In many cases, a Japanese mail order bride is a woman who failed to find love, survived really bad breakups, and was desperate to find a really decent man in her own cultural environment, which is also typical for Filipino brides for marriage.

Desire to migrate

Japan is a developed country. Why do Japanese mail order wives want to migrate then? In fact, women in Japan still face discrimination, they are viewed as employees who can get married and go on maternity leave at any time, are hired less often, and are paid less. So, many of them view marriage with a foreigner as an opportunity to live in a more modern country and open-minded society.

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How to find Japanese mail order brides?

If you are not ready to move to Tokyo or another Japanese city, the only fast and easy way to meet Japanese women for marriage is to use a high-quality international dating platform. Note that you should choose it carefully, paying most attention to the set of services it provides, billing policy, safety and privacy, and, of course, the number of potential Japanese wives—female singles who are really motivated to date and marry a foreign man.

How much does a Japanese mail order bride cost?

First, let us emphasize that a man can’t actually buy a Japanese bride—it is illegal. If so, why do people still use the term “cost” in this context? The thing is the price is made up of two expenditures: the cost of online dating services (premium membership and/or credits offered by a dating site or agency) and travel expenses. The total amount varies greatly depending on the service providers you choose and your personal preferences, but in most cases (1 year of membership + 2 two-week trips to Japan) singles spend about $8000 total.

Yes, but only if you actually date Japanese brides. We mean there are certain restrictions for international couples. In particular, you can’t just marry a random person you’ve met on the web and marry her—you will need to prove that you 1) were really dating online 2) met in person at least a few times. Note that hiding important information from a bride (for example, criminal records) is illegal, too.

How to impress Japanese women?

If you want to have a Japanese wife, you need to avoid common mistakes when dating a Japanese girlfriend. And we have some useful tips for you.

  1. Declare your love. She does want to know if you are serious about your relationship.
  2. Make every effort to impress her parents. That matters more than anything else—only if you succeed (just show that you love her, respect her culture, and can provide for the family), you will be able to actually get your perfect Japanese mail order wife.
  3. Public displays of affection will make her feel very awkward and embarrassed, so don’t kiss and hug her unless you are at your or her place (this one would be very useful with Polish girls for marriage).
  4. Don’t initiate dirty talks. Girls in Japan are still raised in more conservative families and live in a pretty conservative community, so they are less open-minded when it comes to sex than most women in western countries.

As you can see, it is not that difficult. Just consider the cultural characteristics of Japanese society, follow the national dating rules, and you will succeed.

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Summing up

If you are sure that your love is waiting for you in Japan, just give it a try, but be careful. Just keep in mind that in this case, success largely depends on the service provider you choose. Make sure that the services are of high quality, and then start your journey to the world of exotic beauty and old Asian traditions.

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Sam Jones

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