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JollyRomance Review

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What kind of dating platform is it and is JollyRomance legit? It's an international dating service for western men and Eastern European girls. Here, users can find the most compatible partners and communicate with each other conveniently. This website operates legally and is completely free to register. Find out more about its awesome features in the JollyRomance review.

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  • Website:
  • Members: Women from the Eastern Europe
  • Mobile friendly: Comfortable mobile version
  • Girls' age: Ladies of different age starting at 18
  • Girls online: 200+
  • Registration: Non-paid
  • Pricing: Buy the first pack of credits at $2,99, and $9,99 for the second and next payments

What Users Like About JollyRomance Dating Platform

Once visitors enter JollyRomance login, they'll dive into the exciting world of online dating. In general, the website makes a good impression on users. Just look at the conclusions made after checking JollyRomance reviews:

  • The customer support team is professional and helpful.
  • JollyRomance sign in process is quick and free. You just need to pass the verification procedure via e mail.
  • You don't need to pay credits after registration because the dating platform gives you a welcome package so that you can explore it for better understanding.
  • There are no fake profiles.
  • Beautiful girls of different age use the Jolly dating site.

First Impression

With more than a decade of service in the online dating industry, it has managed to bridge distances and match souls from various countries and cultures.

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JollyRomance takes immense pride in ensuring all its clients find ladies' of their dreams and possibly make a family. At the site, the only language understood is love. There is more at Jolly Romance than what meets the eye. The website is designed to offer a user-friendly interface with efficient navigation. It offers a smooth process right from signing up to getting acquainted with the love of your heart. The platform uses simple, understandable language and named icons to guide you. encompasses reliable payment options fully secured with 128-bit SSL end-to-end encryption technology. Customer discretion is highly regarded, that’s why they keep your business private. Should you need any assistance, never hesitate to reach out to their reliable customer service team, also available at JollyRomance.

Pros and Cons of JollyRomance

Since the good obviously outweighs the bad here, this is why you should stop at JollyRomance to pick your bride to be.

  • It offers a match matching algorithm that picks out your desired lady in the shortest time with high accuracy.
  • Has a 24/7 professional support team to aid clients to sort their problems.
  • This example of dating sites reviews shows that Jolly Romance has affordable rates on their payment policy.
  • It offers legitimate single ladies and lockout scammers, hence eliminating chances of being frauded through its strict verification policy.
  • It has an extensive database of users (almost 1 million people) which ensures you do not miss someone who matches your desired traits and attributes.
  • provides high-quality services at a reasonable price to all its clients without favor.
  • It offers various communication, hence guaranteeing an open channel irrespective of the time differences in different time zones.
  • The providence of a mobile app ensures people can date on the go without being restricted to their personal computers.
  • 90% girl reply rate.
how to sign up on JollyRomance


Cons of using JollyRomance:

  • It consists of women, majorly from Eastern Europe.
  • Advanced services are extravagantly charged.
  • No free services.

Registration process

The registration process at JollyRomance is fast, super easy and absolutely free. All that is required are your details, which entail:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • the gender of your preferred partner
  • email address
  • ultimately your login password

Also, remember to check the terms and conditions box at the bottom of the page before hitting the signup button.

jollyromance profile settings


With these in place, you got yourself a JollyRomance account. To increase your chances of attracting the hottest babes on the site, consider uploading some of your cool pictures. After setting up your account, you can edit your profile to match your personality.

How to Search for a Lady of Your Dreams

The site has an efficient and accurate search tool that avails your preferred lady basing on your preferences. With a database of almost 1 million registered users, 70% being women, the search algorithm sifts through all the profiles to pick a potential candidate that matches your search.

For more accurate results, specific parameters can be set to pick out the best female partner. They include, but not limited to:

  • Country of origin
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Children
  • Education level
  • Physical attributes (eg., height, complexion, weight, hair and, eye color)
  • Drinking and smoking habits
  • Occupation
  • Language spoken
jollyromance extended search


All this is to ensure you do not waste time on the wrong person. It also shortens the dating time and alleviates unnecessary expenditure that comes with familiarization. This laser accuracy in picking out a partner is one of the reasons why JollyRomance is ranked within top sites.

Modes of Communication

Since love thrives with an open and efficient communication channel, the platform provides just that. It has various ways of ensuring your message reaches your beloved or rather bride to be.

Instant Chat

This feature enables a member to reach out to another online member. The messages sent via this channel are instantaneously received allowing for immediate feedback. The message icon can be effortlessly located on the user profile.

Email Capability allows members to send emails to their loved ones by providing their email addresses on their profiles. Email is more efficient if photos and videos are attached to it. Additionally, the messages reach your partner even if they are not logged in on their JollyRomance webpage.

JollyRomance chat



This love signal is also offered at the site. It is a polite but sexy way of showing your interest to another member on the site. Winks come at no cost and are received instantly. If you get a wink in reply, lucky you, application approved. Summon the romantic side of you and get things going.


Stickers have been incorporated in the messaging section to bring fun to the chatting room. Besides expressing your feeling, they are a great ingredient in spicing the conversation and keeping boredom at bay. however, advise on the proper usage of stickers. A wrong one could as well send the conversation to the gutters. Ensure you get the right one.

Audio and Visual Messages

Video messages are excellent in giving a message a personal touch. It makes couples feel closer, unlike conventional texts. Feedback from couples on JollyRomance depicts that voice and video messages ignite the chemistry between them. It is an effective tool if efficiently utilized.

Gift and Flower Vouchers

Jolly Romance does not limit communication to verbal and written interactions. It gives you a chance to communicate through actions. This can be effectively done via gifts and flowers. Ladies love to be appreciated and valued. Surprise her with a gift and see how things change to your advantage. Men who back their words with action have a higher chance of winning their woman's heart.

jollyromance presents


The Prices

As mentioned earlier, signing up at does not cost a single cent. Perusing through the profiles is also free. Payment is only required to unlock the communication systems and enjoy the protection policy. Though the website does not have predetermined subscription premiums, it utilizes its own internal currency dubbed ‘credits’.

According to many JollyRomance dating site reviews, the range of free features is attractive:

  • Editing a profile. After entering the login, you can update your account.
  • Checking newsfeed. Find out what women have recently posted.
  • Getting female profiles suggestions. Rely on the Jolly Romance dating site when seeking an ideal partner.

Each payable activity has a determined number of credits to be utilized on it. As you partake in various activities on the site, the credits slowly get depleted and eventually require a top-up. The site offers a rate for purchase of credits as indicated below:

$ 19.99
50 credits
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$ 44.99
125 credits
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$ 69.99
250 credits
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$ 149.99
750 credits
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Another advantage of purchasing credits is enrollment into the protection policy which ensures you only chat with legit single ladies locking out any comparison with other dating site rates, JollyRomance offers unparalleled prices for excellent service hence making good value for your money.

Paid membership at JollyRomance gives you access to unlimited beauties, in fact, you will be required to rule out some to get one. What's more, it is very inexpensive and affordable. A small price to pay for a cute girl.

JollyRomance girl


The Jolly dating site sign up opens the world of great opportunities for singles who buy credits:

  • Arrange a meeting in real life. Jolly Romance reviews insist that there are girls from different countries, and you can have a date with any of them.
  • Exchange photos and videos. JollyRomance dating site doesn't have video chat but these options help a lot.
  • Choose flowers or stuffed toys and order gift delivery.

Is Jolly and love legit to leave your money here? Don't worry about that! As it was stated in this review, it's totally legal. All payment systems are safe, while the support service is available 24/7.

Mobile App

JollyRomance appreciates the ability to chat on the go. That is why it has developed a mobile application to ensure you have unlimited 24/7 accessibility to your account. The application is supported on a range of smartphones and is synonymous with the website with minimal differences to promote coherence in their functionality and familiarity in navigation.

Customer Support

Valetime believes business is only as good as the satisfaction of their clients in the site services. It does not compromise on customer support. Their team of professionals operates 24 hours a day all week long solving clients' mayhems. They are friendly and act timely to resolve any issue so that clients can continue to enjoy a good time at

The support team can be reached via various channels including direct messaging on the site, email or frequently asked questions section. Their admirable response time has kept customers satisfied for the last decade the site has been in existence. Who knows, maybe it is also the reason behind the upsurge on new sign-ups.

Is JollyRomance dating site free?

Only two services are freely offered at Jolly Romance registration of new users and browsing or searching ladies. All other services are paid for.

How do you create a profile?

Profiles can only be created after signing up. Log in with your credentials and edit your profile by updating the information needed and uploading a picture.

How does JollyRomance credits work?

Credits are the equivalent of cash on the site. They are used to purchase access to certain services like communication. They are usually depleted with recurrent expenditure upon which one must top up the purchase. Credits are the key to all service on JollyRomance.

Is Jolly Romance safe?

It is one of the safest sites courtesy of its 198 bit SSL encryption technology that safeguards customer information. Its strict client confidentiality policy strengthens the security of data on the site.

How can I delete my user account?

This option can be found in the settings section under ‘my account’. Should you fail to locate it contact the support team for assistance.

How many members does site have?

It has over 10 million registered users.

Can I use JollyRomance anonymously?

Unfortunately, this option is not available as verification of identity is mandatory.

How do I ascertain the legitimacy of the profiles?

There is an identity verification process that every member is subjected to before being approved.

Is messaging free on JollyRomance dating site?

No, messaging requires a certain minimum balance on the credits, it is not free.

How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

The profiles on JollyRomance are approved instantly upon registration.

What can I do to enhance the safety of my account?

Keep your password discrete and be conscious of the information you share on the site.

Final Verdict has brought smiles to the faces of many single ladies and men in its few but intensive years of existence by linking them to their soulmates. With each successful match, it is JollyRomance hope and desire that the relationship starts and endures for a long time.

The services are periodically reviewed to ensure clients get the best services as far as ladies are concerned. Security of transactions is always prioritized for an awesome fraudless experience at JollyRomance.


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